Transflex PVC Strip Doors have almost limitless applications. These are equally beneficial in very large openings or single doorways.

Transflex PVC Strip Doors provide an excellent solution to a variety of environmental challenges in the work place. They provide an excellent thermal barrier, keeping the cool and warm air exchange to a minimum therefore dramatically reducing energy costs and providing a more comfortable working environment.

Transflex maintains Humidity, Temperature and Hygiene during traffic movement through the doors.

Applications and Advantages

Reduces Heat or Cold Air Loss by opening only wide enough to let a person or vehicle through and then closing automatically.

Isolates Noisy Machinery and Equipment, work station and loading docks from other work areas.

Restricts movement of Air Pollutants such as Dust, Dirt, Smoke, Fumes and Draughts.

Increases Employee Comfort by keeping temperature and humidity under control.

Admits Light, Save Time and Work transparency provides excellent visibility for through traffic. No delays while doors are opened or closed.

Provides Bird and Flying Insect Control outside or between different work areas

Strong and Durable top quality PVC material features heavy-duty strength and tear resistance for long service life.

Minimum Maintenance as strips can be easily wiped and cleaned and can be replaces independently if required.

Easy to install, no special labour and tools needed for installation. Delivered knocked down, ready to install.

Other Applications

On open deck Refrigerated Display Units at Super Markets

As High Temperature machine enclosure at Food Joints / Kitchens

On Refrigerated Vehicles Door

LAF / Machine enclosure in Cleanrooms / Hospitals. Antistatic PVC available for special requirements.

PVC Types

  • Plane PVC

Transflex Plane PVC strips are flat shape, brilliantly transparent and Crystal Clear and are useful for ambient temperature application from 4 C to 65 C applications. It is available in Clear Transparent and Blue Tint.

  • Polar PVC (Freezer Grade PVC)

Transflex Polar PVC material maintains flexibility at temperature as low as -40 C. It improves shelf life without inhibiting product appeal, keeps warm moist air out, thus reducing moisture and frost build up and coil icing.

Under some conditions when PVC strips are used in a cool or freezer room application there may be a tendency of the strips to curl inwards at the bottom. It is usually caused by a chill factor of cold air circulation from the fan coil of the refrigeration unit which causes the PVC inside face to contract.

  • Anti Insect Amber PVC

Transflex Anti Insect Amber PVC is glare reducing due to light amber colour. Most flying insects perceive this light amber colour as black and opaque. According to research, when Anti Insect Amber PVC is used in exterior opening, flying insects are no longer attracted to the lights located inside a facility.

  • Double Ribbed PVC

The unique full rib design of these strips lets the rib portion take the impact of truck and forklift traffic. This prevents scratching and tearing as well as grease and grime build up. The unique rib design keeps the strips cleaner, thus allowing them to be useful longer.

Both surfaces have trapezoidal ribs spaced approximately 50 mm apart and off-set by 12 mm.

Select Your Door

The following information will help you select your door. Based on the door height, the location and traffic type, different sizes of strip material are available in different overlap patterns. For interior doors apply minimum strip overlap, thickness, and width and for exterior doors apply maximum strip overlap, thickness and width. For heavy duty traffic applications, use Double Ribbed material.

The Width, Thickness and Overlap of the PVC strips are determined by the application doorway size, traffic type and density together with the surrounding draught conditions. Our experienced advisers can quickly recommend the correct selection.

Door Construction Code Maximum Recommended Height (in mm)
Width : Thickness : Overlap

(in mm)

Light Traffic Interior Door Heavy Traffic Exterior Door
150 : 3 : 50 2500
200 : 2 : 50 2500
200 : 3 : 50 3500 2750
200 : 3 : 75 3000
200 : 3 : 100 3500
200 : 5 : 50 3500 3000
300 : 3 : 75 4000 3500
300 : 3 : 100 5000 4500
300 : 3 : 150 5500
300 : 5 : 75 5000 5000
300 : 5 : 100 6000 6500
300 : 5 : 150 7000

 Select Your Mounting Hardware

Our exclusively developed head rails are a robust extruded Aluminium section with Clear Matt Anodised finish for the corrosion protection and Airline finish Stainless Steel 304 for stringent requirements. The unique design produces an efficient “T” slot fixing for the PVC strips. This caters for a variety of selected overlaps and at the same time permits the individual strips to be stretched laterally during fixing. Available in two variants, Standard Duty and Light Duty. Specially designed cover is standard, which hides fixtures and adds aesthetics value.

Universal Mount Aluminium Head rail

Sliding Track System

Overhead Door Brackets

Our overhead door brackets extend out and around the door assembly so strips can be mounted inside for protection from weather or vandalism when the door is closed. It comprises heavy duty design to provide superior strength up to 7000 mm width. All brackets are zinc plated as standard and it can be powder coated on requirement.

PVC Strip Type Standard Stock Sizes
Plane Normal Temp Clear Transparent 100 x 3*, 150 x 3, 200 x 2, 200 x 3, 200 x 5, 300 x 3, 300 x 5
Double Ribbed Normal Temp Clear Transparent 200 x 2, 300 x 3
Plane Normal Temp Red Safety Marker 100 x 3*, 150 x 3, 200 x 2, 200 x 3, 200 x 5, 300 x 3, 300 x 5
Plane Normal Temp Anti Insect Amber 150 x 3*, 200 x 2*, 200 x 3, 300 x 3
Plane Normal Temp Dark Green Welding Grade 200 x 3*, 300 x 3
Plane Freezer Temp (Low Temp / Polar Grade) 200 x 2, 300 x 3*
Double Ribbed Freezer Temp (Low Temp / Polar Grade) 200 x 2, 300 x 3*
* Available on order