Sectional Overhead Doors are normally used for shutters in loading-unloading areas, and are installed wherever occurs a frequent transit, as the opening-closing time is smaller. All these doors are delivered provided with manual opening, with chain winch or powered. Due to the wide range of models, with different opening configurations, they fit well with any kind of building and always guarantee a perfect functionality and low maintenance.

Sectional Door meets requirement of robustness, together with simplicity and speed of use. There are many models available that are suitable for perfectly adapting the door and it’s opening / closing movement to the various sizes of the warehouse.

These industrial closing systems guarantee:

  • Security

Both in terms of in activity and while the loading points are in use. (Due to frequent traffic of goods and operators)

  • Insulation

Avoiding temperature losses from inside to outside.

  • Exceptionally Long Working Life

Even in conditions of heavy duty use.

  • Appealing Design

In order to ensure that the product fits aesthetically into the industrial environment in which it is installed.
New Features:

  • Panel 40/80 mm thick, Stucco Finish with horizontal lines with Option of Steel and Aluminium Panel.
  • Available in a wide range of colours.
  • Three options of lift – Standard Lift at 90°, High Lift and Vertical Lift.
  • Cable and Spring break safety mechanism and Finger safe rollers as standard.
  • Option of opening of door manually by chain hoist or motorized with German made 3PH drive system with electronic limit
  • Acrylic double glazed and fully sealed windows are available.
  • Wicket doors with lock and handles fully fitted on requirement. It can be fitted in doors above 3050 mm high and up to 5000 mm wide.

Windows can be offered in different shapes and sizes, based on door size. Window frames are in black rubber and transparent part in Polycarbonate for high strength. Sealing of windows is with anti ageing EPDM. On requirement windows can be provided with shock proof Aluminium frame.

Door Panel
Door panels are made from hot galvanized steel with PUF insulation and reinforced at hinge fixing points for strength. Nominal thickness of panel is 50 mm. Insulation used is of highest quality. These panels are available in Standard White colour for Panel height of 600 mm. Other colours are available on request in Panel height of 500 mm.

Pedestrian Gate
Pedestrian gate can be provided in doors if same door is being used for material and pedestrian movement. It is also useful as option of emergency exit in panic condition and can be supplied with anti panic handle.

Pedestrian gate is joined into the panel by application of a proper Aluminium frame, and a serial double handle and lock with key. Window can be arranged in pedestrian gate at viewing height.

Door Control Options
The Sectional Overhead Door has a variety of door control options to deliver maximum performance that best suits your requirements. These will be influenced by the door’s application which includes the speed, mix and frequency of your traffic flow.

Our representative is well trained to evaluate your specific needs and can recommend the best option for you. These choices may include:


  • Radar Motion Detectors

The Radar Beam detects movement and activates the door. IR Sensor & Microwave Sensor works on same principle.

  • Induction Floor Loops

The Loop in the floor reacts by magnetic attraction to open the door. Loops can operate for one way or two way traffic.

  • Remote Control

A Radio Transmitter carried by the driver opens the door.

  • Photo Cells

By breaking the beam, the door opens, and then closes by time delay.

  • Push Buttons

Least expensive way to control door movement.

  • Pull Switch

Driver operates pull switch without dismounting. Time delay ensures door close after use.

Types of Lift

  • Standard Lift (900)
  • High Lift
  • Full Vertical Lift
  • Reduced Lintel