The Rollflex Rapid Auto Roll Door delivers a secure fit that is ideal for protecting sensitive product and work environment.

Benefits and Safety Features

  • Suitable for internal and external application, size made to order.
  • Size up to 6000H X 6000W with Strong Aluminium extruded door structure, clear matt anodized for corrosion protection.
  • Pneumatic Safety Strip is available as option for auto reverse of Bottom Bar.
  • Force Detection with Inverter Control.
  • Door structure made of Aluminium clear matt finish anodized. Option of powder coating available to suit your corporate colour or unit decor.
  • Full height vertical brush seals in door column as standard with option of horizontal brush seal.
  • In line PE safety sensor with option of light curtain safety sensor and auto reversing safety edge.
  • 1ph model with variable speed control, from 0.8 mtr / sec to 1.6 mtr / sec, with slow start and stop as standard.
  • Electronic limit switch and modularly expandable modules of controller.
  • Option of auto height adjustment, airlock interlocking, integration with equipment, security access and dual height opening.
  • Activation options available are, programmable radar motion detector, loop detector, remote control, photo cell, push buttons, and pull switch.
  • Exclusive dedicated controller designed to accept all modern activation control and safety features.
  • Door Panel manufactured from Polyester reinforced fire retardant PVC coated with UV absorbers and including a clear PVC Safety Vision Panel.
  • Interchangeable PVC door panel of 900 GSM available in wide range of RAL colours in antistatic and fire retardant grades.
  • Intermediate Aluminium Ribs for added support to the door panels.
  • Vertical brushes for optimum sealing of the panel. Bottom Rubber Seals fill gap on floor to meet floor irregularities.
  • All components, including the panels, are available as spare ex-stocks.

Door Control Options

The Rollflex Door has a variety of door control options to deliver maximum performance that best suits your requirements. These will be influenced by the door’s application which includes the speed, mix and frequency of your traffic flow.

Our representative is well trained to evaluate your specific needs and can recommend the best option for you. These choices may include:

  • Radar Motion Detectors

The Radar Beam detects movement and activates the door. IR Sensor & Microwave Sensor works on same principle.

  • Induction Floor Loops

The Loop in the floor reacts by magnetic attraction to open the door. Loops can operate for one way or two way traffic.

  • Remote Control

A Radio Transmitter carried by the driver opens the door.

  • Photo Cells

By breaking the beam, the door opens, and then closes by time delay.

  • Push Buttons

Least expensive way to control door movement.

  • Pull Switch

Driver operates pull switch without dismounting. Time delay ensures door close after use.