Rollflex (Rapid Auto Roll Door)

The Rollflex Rapid Auto Roll Door delivers a secure fit that is ideal for protecting sensitive product and work environment. Benefits and Safety Features Suitable for internal and external application, size made to order. Size up to 6000H X 6000W with Strong Aluminium extruded door structure, clear matt anodized for corrosion protection. Pneumatic Safety Strip

Sectional Overhead Doors

Sectional Overhead Doors are normally used for shutters in loading-unloading areas, and are installed wherever occurs a frequent transit, as the opening-closing time is smaller. All these doors are delivered provided with manual opening, with chain winch or powered. Due to the wide range of models, with different opening configurations, they fit well with any

Dock Shelters

Retractable dock shelter fills gap between building and vehicle at the loading point, avoiding expensive temperature variations with respect to the outside of the warehouse. It is particularly recommended when various size of vehicles are expected at warehouse. • Dock model - standard size 3500 H x 3400 W. • Ground model – standard size

Flexible Cushion Dock Seal

Adapts itself very well to the sealing of loading points on low temperature warehouses. Proper sealing is obtained by pressing the vehicle against cushions filled with closed cell polyurethane, lined with a robust Polyester / PVC sheet packed with anti-wear flaps that can limit damage caused by friction and pressure of the vehicle while it

Dock Levellers

Dock Levellers Dock Leveller compensate the difference in height and the various distances that there are between the truck and the loading platform. • They are of very robust construction, and can fully support all specified loads. • Dock leveller with hinged lip is used for easy access of the forklift to the truck and

Transflex (PVC Strip Door)

Transflex PVC Strip Doors have almost limitless applications. These are equally beneficial in very large openings or single doorways. Transflex PVC Strip Doors provide an excellent solution to a variety of environmental challenges in the work place. They provide an excellent thermal barrier, keeping the cool and warm air exchange to a minimum therefore dramatically

Weldscreen – PVC welding curtains & screens

Superior protection for your welding operations Transflex Welding Curtains shield fellow employees from the flying sparks and hazardous glare of your welding operations and protect against serious eye damage by screening out harmful UV rays. Transflex Dark Green Welding Curtains allow easy access to personnel, trolleys, and equipment from any point through out the enclosure.

FLEXIDOOR (Pedestrian and Light Vehicular Access Doors)

The Flexi Door is your perfect answer for all your pedestrian and light vehicle doorways, manufactured to your exacting requirements from unique cost efficient, modular componentry. Your Flexi Doors are engineered to withstand the toughest punishment so you will benefit in savings on costly down time and repairs. Easy Door Selection Flexi Doors are suitable

Rubber Seal for Rolling Shutter

BOTTOM SEAL Rolling Shutter Bottom Seal is designed to seal the gap between the bottom of a Rolling Shutter and the floor. This helps to prevent water, leaves and dirt from running under the shutter and into the building or warehouse. Bottom Seal also acts as a deterrent against pests and rodents entry from gap