The Flexi Door is your perfect answer for all your pedestrian and light vehicle doorways, manufactured to your exacting requirements from unique cost efficient, modular componentry.

Your Flexi Doors are engineered to withstand the toughest punishment so you will benefit in savings on costly down time and repairs.

Easy Door Selection

Flexi Doors are suitable for openings up to 3000 mm high x 2500 mm wide, with the inclusion of reinforcing gussets.

Effective Environment Barrier

The standard EPDM seals to the back edge of the door frame and 100 mm overlap of PVC panels makes Flexi Door one of the most efficient door available against draughts, wind, noise, heat, cold, dust, fumes and insects.

Using special grade PVC, Flexi Door can be used as ante doors in freezer application.

Easy Care Design

All parts can be quickly and economically replaced using standard sized stock components and should the PVC be damaged it is easily repaired. Normal care consists of occasional washing with suitable detergent.

Features of Your Flexidoor

  • See through panels mean safe two way traffic flow.
  • Hands free operation, door opens with a gentle push and closes automatically behind you.
  • Silent operation by Flexible PVC panels absorbing any impact during opening and closing.
  • Concealed spring controls, fully adjustable to suit your requirement.
  • Flexi Doors are manufactured to clinical requirements as standard.
  • All PVC used is non toxic and contains no heavy metals, such as cadmium, lead or barium.

Effective Dust Sealing

To provide more efficient sealing between the door frame and jambs, Flexi Door incorporate a EPDM Seal, on both the stile and head profiles.

Important Design Standards for all Flexible Doors

To enhance the life of any impact operated flexible doors it is strongly recommended that, where mechanical or hand operated traffic is used, door should be approximately 10% higher and 30% wider than the size of equipment passing through the opening