Retractable dock shelter fills gap between building and vehicle at the loading point, avoiding expensive temperature variations with respect to the outside of the warehouse. It is particularly recommended when various size of vehicles are expected at warehouse.

• Dock model – standard size 3500 H x 3400 W.

• Ground model – standard size 4500 H x 3400 W.

• Front side panels 700 mm wide, front side top panel 900 mm and depth 650 mm.

• Specially designed extruded Aluminium section powder coated for corrosion protection.

• Front panel in black, 3 mm thick, 3800 GSM, with PVC coated 2 layer polyester fabric.

• Side panel in yellow. Unique keder fixing of panel.

• Vehicle guide in front side panels in yellow.

Inflatable Dock Shelters

Particularly suitable for sealing loading doors of low temperature refrigerated warehouses, since the inflatable cushions adhere perfectly to the vehicle frames, avoiding costly exchange of temperature between the warehouse and the exterior. It is possible for Inflatable Dock Shelters to adapt to a wide range of vehicles of various sizes. It does not transmit the vehicle’s force of impact to the warehouse structure.