Dock Levellers

Dock Leveller compensate the difference in height and the various distances that there are between the truck and the loading platform.

• They are of very robust construction, and can fully support all specified loads.

• Dock leveller with hinged lip is used for easy access of the forklift to the truck and dock during the loading or unloading    process.

• Upward and downward movement up to 300 mm of the Lip.

• Can be custom made as per your requirement also.

Frame for Supporting the Platform

This solution is particularly useful when warehouses are being reconditioned, where it is not possible to install a footboard directly to the ground in a normal pit, or when this is not desired. The frame is fixed to the ground and to the wall using anchor bolts, and where possible, by directly welding in to place. This platform is supplied with security edges, and with the appropriate adjustment, it can be protected with our dock shelters.

Dock Levellers are available in various load capacities and working height adjustments to meet your exacting needs.

There is a solution to suit every loading-unloading problem on the dock.